Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spy Toothbrush Hopes to Capture Private Moments, Will Probably End with Embarrassing Ones

Chinese manufacturers keep working hard to push the world forward into a hole of crappy amateur porn, one spy pinhole camera at a time. But when they add one to an Oral-B electric toothbrush, you know things won't end well.

I like how they justify it:

There is time date stamp for the record, you can get the most authentic evidence for a variety of illegal behaviour. Ideal for CIA agents, police, detector, and spy agency.

That sounds about right, because we all know that CIA agents shop in Chinese crapware sites. The $243 Pinhole Spy Toothbrush Hidden Camera DVR records 640x480 video in AVI format, using its internal 8GB flash memory. According to their product site, it looks exactly like a real electric toothbrush. It also looks like a whole bag of hurt to me.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Digital Electronic Article Survellance

Security experts say the most effective anti-shoplifting tools these days are CCTV and the tag-and-alarm systems, better known as electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems. Separately, these are good options. Used together, experts say, they're almost unbeatable. EAS is a technology used to identify articles as they pass through a gated area in a store. This identification is used to alert someone that unauthorized removal of items is being attempted. According to the Association of Automated Identification Manufacturers, over 800,000 EAS systems have been installed worldwide, primarily in the retail arena. EAS systems are useful anywhere there is an opportunity for theft of items of any size. Using an EAS system enables the retailer to display popular items on the floor, where they can be seen, rather than putting them in locked cases or behind the counter.

Loss prevention expert Robert L. DiLonardo, says new EAS technologies are being produced -- not only to reduce shoplifting -- but also to help increase sales, lower labor costs, speed inventory, improve stockroom logistics and, one day, to replace inventory record-keeping. But for now, we'll stick to the role of EAS in battling shoplifting in your imaginary store!

Three types of EAS systems dominate the retail industry. In each case, an EAS tag or label is attached to an item. The tag is then deactivated, or taken from an active state where it will alarm an EAS system to an inactive state where it will not flag the alarm. If the tag is a hard, reusable tag, a detacher is used to remove it when a customer purchases the item it's attached to. If it's a disposable, paper tag, it can be deactivated by swiping it over a pad or with a handheld scanner that "tells" the tag it's been authorized to leave the store. If the item has not been deactivated or detached by the clerk, when it is carried through the gates, an alarm will sound.

The use of EAS systems does not completely eliminate shoplifting. However, experts say, theft can be reduced by 60 percent or more when a reliable system is used. Even when a shoplifter manages to leave the store with a tagged item, the tag still must be removed -- something that is no longer as easy as it once was. For example, some EAS tags contain special ink capsules, which will damage the stolen item when forcibly, and illegally, removed. (This type of device is known in the industry as benefit denial -- we'll discuss it more later!). Other popular EAS components today include source tagging, whereby an inexpensive label is integrated into the product or its packaging by the manufacturer.

The type of EAS system dictates how wide the exit/entrance aisle may be, and the physics of a particular EAS tag and technology determines which frequency range is used to create a surveillance area. EAS systems range from very low frequencies through the radio frequency range (see How Radio Scanners Work). These EAS systems operate on different principles, are not compatible and have specific benefits and disadvantages. That's why the Consumer Products Manufacturers Association is encouraging a "tower-centric" EAS approach that can "read" multiple tag technologies rather than the "tag-centric" models that exist today.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

AgustaWestland and Thales Unveil Enhanced Airborne Surveillance and Control Capability

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, and Thales unveiled an enhanced Airborne Surveillance and Control (ASaC) capability, at RNAS Yeovilton on 10th July during the Fleet Air Arm’s annual Air Day. The low cost, low risk capability builds upon the combat proven Sea King Mk7 ASaC Cerberus mission system and Searchwater 2000 radar, to provide enhanced operational effectiveness through the use of the next generation AgustaWestland AW101 helicopter. AgustaWestland and Thales have teamed to jointly explore the potential for this capability in advance of the keenly expected MoD requirement to replace the Sea King Mk7 ASaC aircraft after its planned retirement in 2016.

Nick Whitney, Senior VP UK Government Business Unit, AgustaWestland said “The AgustaWestland solution will deliver an enhanced, cost effective and low risk capability which exemplifies the role of an ASaC capability fit for the 21st century. The solution we have developed capitalises on the substantial investment already made by the MoD in both the helicopter and the excellent Thales Cerberus mission system and radar.” Ed Lowe, Chief Operating Officer of Thales UK said, “Sea King Mk 7 is a highly successful ASaC platform which has proved itself over land and sea. Thales looks forward to working with AgustaWestland to develop a proposal to transfer our Cerberus mission system to the AW101 platform. I am confident this will offer our customer a low cost, low risk method of delivering ASaC well into the future with no capability gap”.

The palletised Searchwater 2000 radar is deployed through the rear ramp aperture when in operation and stows in the cabin when not in use, enabling rapid transit between tasking. Two aft-facing modernised mission crew stations are located at the forward end of the cabin. The following key features and benefits are also included:

• Long range, look up/look down air, land and sea capability
• Human Machine Interface optimised for two man operation
• Fully integrated Link 16 Command and Control capability
• Modern platform extends 360 deg radar horizon and significantly increases mission range and endurance.

The palletised ASaC equipment also enables a front line re-role capability delivering greater aircraft utility. The ASaC equipment could be role fitted to all AW101 utility variants.

Sources : http://militeryinfo.blogspot.com

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Cell Phone Security: Using your Phone to Monitor your Home

This week, we’re talking cell phone secrets — easy-to-use services that can help you unlock the hidden powers of your phone. I started by showing you a bunch of ways to get more for your money with cool services like Braincast and Cellfire.

But today, we’re taking on a different kind of underused force in your phone: its ability to keep your family safer. We’ve seen how cell phones can be used to let other people spy on you. This trick, though, turns the tables and lets you watch them.

Easy access

Imagine this: You’re at work for the day. With a few clicks on your phone, you pull up live images of your home from every possible angle. You see what doors are unlocked, who’s inside, and what they’re doing. You check up on the babysitter trusted with your kids. Or maybe you dial in from the road and look at images of your office to see if your staff really showed up to work when you were out of town. Whatever the need may be, it’s all possible — and not terribly hard to achieve.

There are a number of systems out there that can let you do this. I’m going to focus on the one I’ve seen in action: the WiLife (formerly Lukwerks) Home Surveillance System.

A simple setup

Who wouldn’t want to watch their property when they’re not around? A system like the one WiLife offers makes it easy. You just set up a series of cameras, configure your account, and you’re ready to roll. These things operate through the electrical wires you already have, too — you just plug the cameras
into the wall and plug an adaptor into your computer — so there’s no need for any elaborate installation. You’re probably looking at 15 to 20 minutes tops.

Once you’re all set up, the rest is automatic. You dial some digits on your phone, and you’re tapped in. You can monitor the live feeds at your disposal, provided your phone or PDA can handle the streaming video. But the cooler part is how the system can do the work for you.

Instant alerts

WiLife’s alerts will watch your property and let you know any time anything changes. If someone comes in, if a light turns on, or if any motion at all is detected, WiLife sees it and alerts you. You set the level of sensitivity, then you can choose to get a text message, a picture message, or even a video message as soon as WiLife finds trouble. Now, the second something happens, you know it — and you’re watching.

Link to the law

If you do discover something amiss, the system makes it easy to alert police right from your phone, too. And the best part: It’s recdording it all for you, so you can pass off a single evidence file to the officers the minute they arrive.

The WiLife kits start at $269 ($449 for a 2-camera system) and include the text and video messaging alerts for the life of the hardware, without any additional monthly fees or subscriptions. From what I’ve seen, they work pretty darned well. Speaking of which, nice shirt.

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Cell Phone Spying: Is Your Life Being Monitored

It connects you to the world, but your cell phone could also be giving anyone from your boss to your wife a window into your every move. The same technology that lets you stay in touch on-the-go can now let others tap into your private world — without you ever even suspecting something is awry.

The new generation

Long gone are the days of simple wiretapping, when the worst your phone could do was let someone listen in to your conversations. The new generation of cell phone spying tools provides a lot more power.

Eavesdropping is easy. All it takes is a two-minute software install and someone can record your calls and monitor your text messages. They can even set up systems to be automatically alerted when you dial a certain number, then instantly patched into your conversation. Anyone who can perform a basic internet search can find the tools and figure out how to do it in no time.

But the scarier stuff is what your phone can do when you aren’t even using it. Let’s start with your location.

Simple surveillance

You don’t have to plant a CIA-style bug to conduct surveillance any more. A service called World Tracker lets you use data from cell phone towers and GPS systems to pinpoint anyone’s exact whereabouts, any time — as long as they’ve got their phone on them.

All you have to do is log on to the web site and enter the target phone number. The site sends a single text message to the phone that requires one response for confirmation. Once the response is sent, you are locked in to their location and can track them step-by-step. The response is only required the first time the phone is contacted, so you can imagine how easily it could be handled without the phone’s owner even knowing.

Once connected, the service shows you the exact location of the phone by the minute, conveniently pinpointed on a Google Map. So far, the service is only available in the UK, but the company has indicated plans to expand its service to other countries soon.

Advanced eavesdropping

So you’ve figured out where someone is, but now you want to know what they’re actually doing. Turns out you can listen in, even if they aren’t talking on their phone.

Dozens of programs are available that’ll turn any cell phone into a high-tech, long-range listening device. And the scariest part? They run virtually undetectable to the average eye.

Take, for example, Flexispy. The service promises to let you “catch cheating wives or cheating husbands” and even “bug meeting rooms.” Its tools use a phone’s microphone to let you hear essentially any conversations within earshot. Once the program is installed, all you have to do is dial a number to tap into the phone’s mic and hear everything going on. The phone won’t even ring, and its owner will have no idea you are virtually there at his side.

Recover deleted text messages (SMS) and last dialed numbers from any SIM cards and smart cards

Did you know that with the help of a simple, inexpensive device, anyone with access to your phone could read your private text messages (SMS), even if you have deleted them previously? This device can even recover contacts and a good number or previously dialed numbers.

Legal loopholes

You might be asking how this could possibly be legal. Turns out, it isn’t – at least, not in the ways we just described. Much like those fancy smoking devices designed “for tobacco use only,” the software itself gets by because of a disclaimer saying it doesn’t endorse any illegal use.

I did a little digging with our friends from Flexispy. You won’t find it on the flashy front page, but buried a bit further in the site, the company says you’re fine to use their program only “on a phone that you own, for protecting your children,” or for purposes like “archiving data.” It’s a bit of a contrast from the bold suggestions of “uncover[ing] employee espionage,” “catch[ing] cheating husbands,” and “bug[ging] meeting rooms” that fill the company’s materials. After a little more explanation, their answer as to the legality of the service ends with a broad statement: “Please consult a qualified lawyer in your country for the correct answer to this question.”

Let me make it easier for you: Once you get into listening in to private conversations without either party’s consent, you’re treading rough water that could sweep you straight into jail. Whether it’s an employee or a spouse on the receiving end of your mission, neither federal nor state privacy laws take violations lightly in America. Getting caught could cost you several years behind bars, among other serious penalties.

Detecting and protecting

Finding spyware on your phone isn’t easy. There are dozens of bug detectors available from surveillance companies, but the only true fix is taking your phone to your provider and having them wipe it out altogether. That will restore the factory settings and clear out any hidden software that’s running on your phone.

Security experts say there may be some subtle signs your phone is invaded:

* You seem to have trouble shutting it off, or it stays lit up after you’ve powered down.
* The phone sometimes lights up when you aren’t making or receiving a call, or using any other function.
* You regularly hear odd background noises or clicks when you’re on the phone.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to safeguard your cell just yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until we see McAfee-style programs to firewall your phone and keep intruders out. For now, though, the only sure-fire form of protection is to keep a close guard on your phone. Don’t accept Bluetooth connections unless you know what they are. Most important, make sure no one has access to install something when you aren’t watching. Otherwise, they may soon be watching you when you least expect it.
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cell Phone Spy Data Extractor

Be careful with your surroundings! There is someone was spying on you. He is possible your boss. Well, it can happen if you accept and use your company facility such as mobile phone. Unconsciously, you do not know that your mobile phone has been installed phone spy software like Flexi Spy and Mobil Spy which are like your boss digital soldier to spy your moves. By using cell phone spy data extractor, you do not realize that your boss freely spy and record all memories in your mobile phone. He can access your data phone in PC even though you have deleted from your phone. And even he is able to know where your phone is located. He will force open or extract your data especially dialed and received calling and SMS.

Phone Spy Picture

Well, lucky you now you can be like your boss. Just buy the phone spy data extractor for $ 149 from www.brickhousesecurity.com then you can know what your friends are actually doing. To build connection with their phone can be done trough Bluetooth easily. With Flexi Spy and Mobile Spy software, you can listen to and even if they aren’t talking on their phone. Many of other programs for phone spy are available that will turn any cell phone into a high-tech, long-range listening device. They run virtually undetectable to the average eye. Flexi Spy, for instance, allows you “catch cheating wives or cheating husbands” and even “bug meeting rooms.” This tool uses a phone’s microphone to let you hear essentially any conversations within earshot. Once the program is installed, all you have to do is dial a number to tap into the phone’s mic and hear everything going on. The phone will not even ring and its owner can’t do anything that you are virtually there at his side. Then information collected for one purpose shouldn’t be used for other purposes without people’s affirmative permission. Of course, this is illegal! You have disturbed their privacy SMS and calling with your phone spy.

Now let’s protect our mobile phone from phone spy. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to safeguard your cell phone yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until we see Kaspersky or McAfee-style programs to secure your phone and keep intruders out. For now, though, the only sure-fire form of protection is to keep a close guard on your phone. Don’t accept Bluetooth connections unless you know what they are. Most important, make sure no one has access to install something when you aren’t watching. Otherwise, they may soon be watching you when you least expect it.

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iPod Touch with Microphone Camera

For now, we’re no stranger to rumors of a new iPod touch complete with an integrated microphone camera. Even without backup sources of these claims, it seems like the next logical step for Apple to take with the microphone camera if it wants to continue to provide consumers an incentive to upgrade. The last word is not only that these rumors are true, but the device in question is already on the assembly line in China.

Microphone Camera iPod Touch Picture

The rumors tell that the microphone camera included in the new iPod touch is indeed capable of record video and capturing images. As Wired points out, the more it makes an ideal device for use with Skype existing applications already available in the App Store. The combination could make the iPod touch a viable replacement phone at home for those who already use their landlines for long distance anyways. They also noted that a combined Verizon Mifi, it becomes essentially an iPhone microphone camera without AT & T cruddy and attendant charges.

I long suspected that Apple was holding off on the inclusion of these phones with similar features to the iPod touch to differentiate between it and the iPhone to avoid cannibalizing sales, but my experience has been that touch owners are much more inclined to purchase an iPhone microphone camera is not. I think Apple has made the drug “gateway” phenomenon has little to do with technical features and a lot to do with a constant data connection and cell phone functions.

If you have an old iPhone, or who want a device with Apple for the first time, this new iPod touch with microphone camera is definitely the way to go. Currently, it sells for about $ 290 or each; you can get a perfect gadget today.

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